Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ray of Sunshine - Week 23

We have had a really hard time selecting our Ray of Sunshine this week. We have had some fantastic entries, obviously this theme was one that is close to all your hearts! Anyway, we can only have one winner and we hope that you will agree this card by Alison is really special.  Please pay her a visit and let her know how much you love her card.

Here is our Ray of Sunshine badge for Alison to add  to her blog.

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We look forward to you all joining us again tomorrow to see what the challenge for next week will be.

On behalf of Vicky and Shirley

Bye for now, Kris

1 comment:

Alison Barclay said...

Thanks guys!! What a lovely surprise to find out my card had been chosen as the "Ray of Sunshine"!....thanks for a great challenge blog. See you again this week! :) xxxx